Sunday, November 15, 2009

pumpkin roll with spiced pecan cream cheese filling

well, first of all, no baking
can begin without a cup
of joe.
ok...caffeine is starting to kick in. Wait, what am I making? Oh, right...pumpkin rolls. Alright, got my pumpkin. Whole Foods had a sale on pumpkin...only a buck for this can! Yipee!
OK....we have all our wet ingredient mixed together and poured into the jellyroll pan. Hard to believe this is going to be a big beautiful roll, isn't it? Well, BELIEVE IT!! ha!

Here she is, all rolled up! The inside is a mix of cream cheese, sugar and toasted pecans....

Make sure it's nice and cool before you roll 'er up! If you don't it will tear and you'll have to throw the whole gosh durn thing away. And it sucks. Trust me, I've had to do it.

The final product.....TA DA! Just sprinkled some powdered sugar on top of the toasted pecans, and you have a delicious Thanksgiving day dessert know one will forget!

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